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Pulp High Density Cleaner Equipment

Pulp High Density Cleaner Equipment is a ideal high concentration pulp cleaning machine, it uses the different proportion of fiber and impurities, separated heavy impurities from the pulp to achieve the purpose of cleaning pulp. High Density Cleaner Equipment has advantages of large production capacity, easy to operate, long service life. Tank is stainless steel or ceramic, the equipment can be divided into Manual discharge and Automatic-discharging.

High Density Cleaner Equipment Operation

Manual Discharge: Before high density cleaner working, open the Recoil water valve, after filled with water in the high density cleaner, then start the pulp pump. When the pulp supplying is stable, the pressure difference meet technical requirement, then regulate the water pressure which is larger than input pulp pressure 0.02 MPa,at last it can be normal operate. Impurity discharging can be proceed in the the machine, the heavy impurity deposition from the observation window can be seen. If discharging, ball valve can be shut off, then open discharging door to discharge.Use water to wash junction surface between with the heavy impurity pot and discharging door, then close the discharging door,open the ball valve after water filled with heavy impurity pot. This process must be continuous in order.

Automatic Discharging: Automatic discharging process is controled by PLC control cabinet, the data on the the control cabinet have been set.Just need to connect the compressor, PLC control cabinet and pneumatic valve in sequence, connect the recoil water, then it can work normally. Discharging cycle can be adjusted freely.

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