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Paper Making Machine Press Section

In paper making process, paper machine press section is to press the wet paper sheet for removing the water after the paper sheet formed in paper machine wire section, it can improve the finished paper dryness, strength and smoothness.

Paper Machine Press Section

After the sheet has been formed on the paper machine wire section, the papermaking operation consists of removing the water which was used for carrying the paper fiber into the wire for sheet formation. It is cheaper to remove additional moisture from the sheet by mechanical means in the press section than by evaporation in the dryer section. As the sheet enters the press section it is still quite wet. Considerable amounts of water may be removed by the pressing and suction extered by the press part.

The number of sets and arrangement of press rolls is determined by the type of paper to be manufacturered. Press rolls are extremely heavy and modern press rolls are carried by antifriction bearings.

As the sheet leaves the cough, it is placed on endless felt, which supports its wet weight. The felt is arranged to serve a particular part of the press section and it carries the sheet through the nip so the press rolls.

In general, most paper machines operate with top press roll doctors. The function of the doctor is to keep the surface of the roll clean and free from fiber particle.


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