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Paper Machine Spare Parts Cylinder Mold

Comparing with other suppliers, our company’s paper machine spare parts cylinder mold has advantages of less price, excellent effect, so our cylinder mold has been highly praised by customers. Besides, we also have full set of pulp machine for your paper making line.

Paper Mill Cylinder Mold Features

◆Increase the water filtration area and speed, and increase the output
◆Improve paper quality, including evenness, grammage, aspect ratio
◆ Reduce consumption and maintenance costs of copper wire and felt
◆Strengthen the integrity and anti-corrosion performance of the equipment, durable
◆There are three kinds of sheet wires developed and produced: threading sheet, winding sheet and oblique sheet.

For paper machine spare parts cylinder mold price and details, our professional will offer them and give you best quotation. Welcome to contact us at any time.
Our email:leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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