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Paper Machine Spare Part Dryer Cylinder

In a paper machine, there are dozens of dryer cylinders located at the junction for continuous drying of the paper base after the pulping. The outer diameter of the dryer drum is mainly 1000-3000mm. Leizhan company can customize the type of dryer drum according to the customer’s demands.

Dryer Cylinder Brife Introduction

1. The materials applied for the production of dryers are mainly HT200 and HT250. In terms of production quality requirements, excessive air penetration and bubbles are not allowed.
2. There is a rotary shaft at each end of the machine head, and the steam for drying the paper passes through the hole in the hollow shaft at one end.
3. There is also a water collection bucket to send the condensed water to the other end of the hollow shaft for discharge.
4. The dryer cylinder is generally made of cast iron with a smooth outer surface. The characteristics of multi-layer graphite flakes in cast iron can easily separate the blank from the surface of the cylinder, making the paper non-stick during baking.

Paper machine spare part dryer cylinder have been applied in many papermaking production line and have achieved good results. In addition, we also have supply complete set of pulp and paper making line machine. If you have any questions about dry cylinder, please feel free to contact us.

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