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Machine for Start Kraft Paper Project

One of the important materials in packaging is kraft paper. Its demand and quality requirements have continued to increase in recent years. Because customers trust our company and choose our kraft paper making line machine, they get huge profits on their paper production line. Some information about machine for set up kraft paper project is below.

Kraft Paper Project Technical Date

1.kraft paper machine
Raw material: waste paper, wood pulp, etc.
Output paper: kraft paper
Trimmed width: more than 2400mm (could design depend on your demand)
Production capacity: 70tpd
2. customers feedback
Our company’s machine for start kraft paper project has helped customers achieve good results. Customers say that our equipment and services are really better than other manufacturers. Our professionals will provide you with technical support if needed.

For your kraft paper production line, we provide not only provide kraft paper making machine, but also pulping equipment. As a professional company in paper industry, our goal is to make more profits for our customers. Furthermore, our delivery speed and technical support are currently unaffected by coronavirus, keeping your project up and running. Welcome to contact us for more details. Our email:leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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