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M.C. Pressure Screen VS Inflow Pressure Screen

Our company can provide many different types of pressure screens, all of which have been well received by customers. This article mainly talks about what is the difference between middle consistency pressure screenandinflow pressure screen? Hope it can help you better distinguish and choose equipment.


1. Different usage locations: the middle consistency pressure screen is applied in the pulp screening stage, and the inflow pressure screen is applied in the flow system in front of the headbox.
2. The pulp inlet and outlet, slag discharge outlet and other pipes are different, and the bases are different.
3. The pulp flows in different ways, one is internal flow and the other is external flow.
4. Different internal rotor structures

As a trusted partner in the pulp and paper industry, we are committed to technology and innovation to allow our customers to achieve greater profits. You also get responsible service in the paper making process. For any questions about our middle consistency pressure screen and inflow pressure screen, please feel free to contact us in your spare time.
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