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Low Density Cleaner In Waste Paper Pulping

As an excellent manufacturer, we supply low density cleaner. It can be used in waste paper pulping line and various kinds of paper mill projects. Here are some information.

Low Density Cleaner In Waste Paper Pulping System

1. Low density cleaner
Remove heavy impurities in the pulp, like gravel, scrap iron, dust and large ink particles.
2. Specification
Type: KH-400, KH-600, KH-800, KH-1000, KH-1500
Rate passing capacity of single equipment: 400 – 1500l/min
Inlet consistency: 0.3 – 1.5%
3. Features
Divided design, different deslagging ways.
Wear-resistant ceramics. High quality.
Stable deslagging and long service.

About low density cleaner in waste paper pulping line, our professional will provide all kinds of information you want to know. There are lots of customers who have already adopted in their pulp and paper mill project.

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