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In paper industry, a great number of people adopted our kraft liner board paper unit machine with attractive investment cost for their paper mill. This unit convers waste paper recycling machine and kraft liner board paper equipment.

Kraft Liner Board Unit Details

1.First, raw materials are transported by chain conveyor to drum pulper for pulping. Then it is sent to the High density cleaner to remove the heavy impurities in the pulp.
2.The cleaned pulp is transported to: pressure screen, light impurity separator, vibrating screen and other pulp screening equipment for coarse and fine screening of pulp.
3.Then, it is sent to the low density cleaner group to remove heavy pollutants such as gravel and dust in the pulp.
And transported to double disc refiner, and other refining equipment to improve the crushing degree of pulp.
4.Finally, the pulp is conveyed to the inflow pressure screen before the paper machine for fine screening.

About kraft liner board paper unit machine, our professional will provide all kinds of details, welcome to email us. Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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