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Inflow Pressure Screen Before Paper Machine

In paper mill production line, inflow pressure screen is advanced equipment for paper pulp and paper making line. It can be used for screening process before paper machine.

Inflow Pressure Screen Specification Before Paper Machine

1. Equipment: inflow pressure screen
2. Concentration of input pulp: 0.4 – 0.8%
3. Production capacity: 25 – 1400t/d
4. Certification: ISO, CE, etc.
5. Advantages: small motor power, high production capacity, energy-saving performance, screen basket with high quality, low maintenance cost, less price, simple operation, stable running, etc.

Our inflow pressure screen plays an important role in paper pulping line before paper machine. In paper mill project, we also provide other paper pulp machine and paper equipment. Welcome to email or message us for price and details.

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