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How To Maintain Paper Machine Spare Part Felt

The press felt is an important item during the operation of the paper machine, affecting the quality and capacity of paper production. It is also a part of the paper mill outfit. So how do you maintain felt to make the paper machine more efficient? There are some important solutions.

Method Of Maintain Paper Mill Felt

1. Regularly check the position of the felt to prevent breakage or deflection. Otherwise it will cause mechanical damage and force it to separate from the paper machine.
2. Keep a suitable and stable tension. If the tension is too small, it will easily cause slippage and seriously affect the quality of the paper. If the voltage is too high, it will affect the dehydration, shorten the life of the felt and cause damage to the equipment.
3. The felt washing to maintain elasticity, good water filtration, moisture content and air permeability. It can ensure a more efficient and energy-saving operation of the paper machine, improve production and quality, and reduce felt consumption.

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