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Drum Pulper For Packaging Paper Project

Our company provides drum pulper in packaging paper project, which can be applied to coarse screening of waste paper. The drum pulper has the general benefits of conserving energy and reducing fiber loss. Additionally, we offer complete set of pulp and paper equipment for your papermaking project.

Drum Pulper Brife Introduction

1. Production capacity: 70 – 1800t/d
2. Application: mainly applied for continuous light pulping and coarse screening of waste paper under high concentration.
3. Features:
The energy saving is obvious, and the energy consumption per ton of paper is about 25% lower than that of traditional pulping equipment.
Improve slurry quality.
Improve screening efficiency and reduce load and wear later in the screening process.
No wearing parts. Low maintenance cost and labor saving.

In addition to selling drum pulper, we also have complete sets of equipment for packaging paper production line. Feel free to contact us for a quote and details.

Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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