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Chain Conveyor For Kraft Paper Production Line

As a manufacturer and provider, we have high quality chain conveyor for kraft paper production line. Our hot-selling convey equipment chain conveyor have been applied in many paper mill projects, and have definitely gained more benefits. We can also provide technically advanced complete sets of stock preparation line equipment.

Chain Conveyor Information

Function: convey various kinds of pulp board, waste paper in bulk and in bundle. It can also be adopted as horizontal conveyor or indlined conveyor.
Type: BFW series
Conveying material: waste paper, pulp board
Max.limit of material: 1000 – 2400mm
Advantages: low equipment maintenance cost and labor saving: durable, simple structure, less maintenance.

Leizhan company attaches great importance to the quality of our machine and the services we provide to our customers. Our complete pulping equipment can also help you reduce costs. You can get more information about our advanced kraft paper production line. Welcome to contact us in your free time.   
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