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Brown Kraft Box Manufacturing Plant

Leizhan supply market-oriented paper production solution for High grade brown kraft box manufacturing application. Leizhan continues to improve equipment and production technology for paper mill to produce high quality paper kraft paper box. Use waste paper board as raw material, the whole brown kraft box manufacturing plant contains two part: waste paper pulp processing system and paper making system.

Waste paper pulp processing system

Waste paper board-Chain conveyor-Drum pulper-High density cleaner-Mid density cleaner– Fiber fractionating screen- 2nd stage Coarse screen-Light impurity separator-Vibrating screen-Fine screen-Low density cleaner-Inclined screen-Inflow pressure screen

Brown kraft box manufacturing system

The long fiber and short fiber will be used for producing the bottom and middle layer of brown kraft paper, the middle fiber will be used for making the top layer of brown kraft paper. The whole brown kraft box manufacturing machine have the following sections: Headbox, Forming section, Press section, Dryer section, Sizing section, Calendering section, Reeling machine, Rewinder machine.

Brown Kraft Box Manufacturing Plant

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