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50TPD Carton Box Board Machine

Over the years, carton box board machine is popular in the world. Customers adopted our 50tpd carton box board machine with less cost and they said our carton box board machine can help them receive great benefits.

50TPD Carton Box Board Machine Details

1.Raw materials: 100% waste paper, waste paper mixed virgin pulp, wheat straw, wood, wood pulp.
2.Output paper weight: 90-160gsm
3.Net paper width: 2880mm
4.Width of Cylinder: 1950mm
5.Bearing center: 2400mm
6.Drive&Control: Alternating current, frequency conversion, speed control, section.

For 50tpd carton box board machine  price and details, our professional will offer them and give you best quotation. Welcome to contact us by email,
Our email:leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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