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30TPD Multi-Cylinder Kraft Paper Making Line Machine

It is said that kraft paper has great demand in the market and is widely applied. Our engineers provide 30tpd multi-cylinder kraft paper production line machine for customers’ paper mill projects, the main advantages are cost reduction and high quality. And customers can get better returns after using it.

Multi-Cylinder Kraft Paper Machine Details

Main product: kraft liner board paper
Basis weigth: 80-200gsm
Trimmed width: 2500mm
Product capacity: 30-40t/d
Design speed: 140m/min
Working speed: 60-100m/min

For 30tpd multi-cylinder kraft paper production line, customers who have applied the whole set of equipment from our company say that it is very value for money. In the past few years, many paper mills have chosen our paper production line equipment.

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