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2640mm Fourdrinier Decorative Base Paper Machine

Based on the user’s basic conditions and overall requirements for product quality, output, etc., we determined the equipment process flow of the 2640mm fourdrinier decorative base paper machine through design calculations based on the design experience of similar machine models, and give a detailed description of the main technical parameters.

Decorative Base Paper Machine Details

Product Type: Decorative Base Paper
Basis weight of paper making: 50~90gsm (calculated basis weight is 60gsm)
Trimmed width: 2640mm
Working speed: 300m/min
Production capacity: 68t/d
Overall dimensions: 68500×10000×6000mm (length×width×height)

As a trusted partner to the pulp and paper industry, we are committed to technology and innovation to enable our customers to achieve greater profitability. If you have any questions about our 2640mm fourdrinier decorative base paper machine, please feel free to contact us.
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