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Paper Pulp Making Line For Duplex Paper

From lots of manufacturers and suppliers, customers ordered our whole paper pulp making line machine for their duplex paper mill project. According to our contract, we had this delivery.

Paper Pulp Making Line For Duplex Paper Mill

Paper project: duplex paper production project
Production capacity: 200,000 tons per year
Output paper: duplex paper, coated paper board.
Ordered machine: high density cleaner, M.C. pressure screen, inflow pressure screen, reject separator, double disc refiner, M.C. hydrapulper, etc.
Delivery equipment: hydrapulper, double disc refiner, etc.
Date: May 22th, 2021

About paper pulp making line, our professional will provide details for your duplex paper mill project. Besides, we also provide paper board machine. Do you need its price?

Welcome to email or message us. Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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