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600T/D T Paper Corrugated Paper Pulping Line Machine

In China, customers from paper mill had a new paper project that is 600t/d T paper corrugated paper production project. Therefore, they bought our paper pulping line machine again.

In the past, they choosed our full set of pulping equipment for their 200t/d paper project and got great benefits. For this reason, they decided to cooperate with us from so many suppliers. About this delivery are as follows.

600T/D T Paper Corrugated Paper Pulping Line Machine Delivery Details

1. Production capacity: 600t/d
2. Paper project: T paper corrugated paper project
3. Shipped time: 13th June, 2019
4. Ordered pulping line machine: chain conveyor, drum pulper, bale breaker, D type hydrapulper, high density cleaner, mid consistency coarse screen, impurity separator, fiber separator, mid density cleaner, fiber fractionating screen, mid consistency fine screen, vibrating screen, etc.
5. Delivery equipment: bale breaker and a batch of support sccessories.

With rich experience in paper industry nearly 40 years, we have excellent engineer, professional and popular paper pulp machine. And we also can supply paper machine, welcome to email us for more details about 600t/d T paper corrugated paper pulping line machine for paper mill.

Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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