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Paper Machine Press Section

Paper Machine Press Section is to remove water in the wet paper sheet as much as possible without affecting the paper quality, the press section function has close relations with finished paper making quality.

Paper Machine Press Section Function

1. To achieve sufficient wet strength.

2. Play the role of transfering the paper sheet from the wire section to the dryer section.

3. The press section makes it easy to replace rollers and felt.

4. Important parts cleaning and maintenance becomes easy, some places can be cleaned and maintained in paper machine running.

5. The rollers and racks are stable and trouble-free to run.

Press Section Dewatering

Dewatering Control: Change the size of the linear load; Change the paper machine speed.

Influence Dewatering Factors: The felt state; The roller groove cleaning; Pulp ratio; Filler content; Pulp freeness value; The press roll’s blade efficiency, etc.


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