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High Density Cleaner Discharge Operation

High density cleaner equipment is mainly for pulp cleaning, and its discharge type can divide into automatic and manual discharge. There are some discharge operation tips of high density cleaner equipment.

High Density Cleaner Discharge Tipes

Automatic Discharge:

When using automatic discharge, should set the appropriate discharge control time according to the amount of containing slag.

Manual Discharge:

When using manual discharge, observe the height of heavy impurities in the slagging tank frequently during operation. When the slagging tank will be full, close the upper sluice valve, high pressure balance water valve, open the lower discharge valve and discharge the heavy slag; After heavy slag discharged, then close the lower discharge valve, open the exhaust valve and high pressure water valve, until the tank is full of water, close the exhaust valve, open the upper valve, and adjust the high pressure balance water flow to meet the requirements.


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