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Cultural Paper Newsprint Paper Making Machine

Leizhan company’s experienced engineers designed and manufactured a low-cost newsprint paper making machine adopting waste paper and virgin pulp as raw materials for recycling, using advanced technology to produce high-quality newsprint. In addition, Leizhan also provides complete set of equipment for stock preparation line and various paper machine spare parts.

 Newsprint Paper Making Machine Details

1. Production capacity (100% efficiency): 80t/24h
2. Trimmed width: 2600mm
3. Basis weight: 50gsm
4. Main spare parts of the machine: Dryer cylinder, Vacuum pump, Roll press, Paper rewinder, etc.
5. Advantages: Less cost, energy-saving, high efficiency, etc.

Leizhan company always gives high priority to the profits and needs of customers. And we has been recognized by customers for 40 years. Any problems in paper industry or more details about cultural paper newsprint paper making machine, welcome to contact us at any time: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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