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30T/D A4 Copy Paper Production Line

For cultural paper mill project, customers adopted our 30t/d A4 copy paper production line covering wood pulp making line and paper machine. After installation, they gave feedback of great effect and energy-saving performance.

30T/D A4 Copy Paper Production Line Details

1. A4 copy paper machine
Raw material: wood pulp, waste paper, virgin pulp
Finish paper: A4 paper, copy paper, writing paper, printing paper
Production capacity: 30t/d
Trimmed width: 1880 – 3200mm
Basic weight: 40 – 80gsm
2. Wood pulp making line
Chain conveyor – D type hydrapulper – conical refiner – double disc refiner – pressure screen before paper machine

Depend on your material and production demand, our enginner can design proposal, technical solution for paper mill project. About more details and price of 30t/d a4 copy paper production line, welcome to contact us.

Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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