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10T/D A4 Paper Production Line Machine

In office paper or a4 paper project, customers often use wood pulp, virgin pulp or waste paper as raw materials. According to their specific requirements, we supply 10t/d a4 paper production line machine that is used in paper mill project.

10T/D A4 Paper Production Line Machine Information

1. A4 paper pulp making line
In this line, some people adopt commodity wood pulp to manufacture a4 paper.
Chain conveyor – D type hydrapulper – High density cleaner – Conical refiner – Double disc refiner – Pressure screen before paper machine
2. A4 paper machine for sale
Raw material: wood pulp, waste paper, virgin pulp
Trimmed width: 1575mm
Paper kind: office paper, a4 paper, writing paper
Production capacity: 10t/d
Basic weight: 40 – 100gsm
Note: if you have other demand, our machine also can meet it. If you want to use waste paper as material, we also have deinking system to make a4 paper.

You can get the total price and more specification or details of 10t/d a4 paper production machine, through email or message. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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