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100T/D Deinking Paper Pulping Line Machine

Customers want to use old newspaper to make cultural paper. With this reason, our engineer design a proposal, 100t/d deinking paper pulping line machine for office paper project.

100T/D Deinking Paper Pulping Line Machine For Office Paper Project

Chain conveyor – drum pulper – high density cleaner – 1st stage coarse pressure screen – reject separator – closed multi-stage flotation cell – 1st low density heavy impurity cleaner – 2 class low density cleaner – 1st stage fine pressure screen – 2nd stage fine pressure screen – 3rd stage fine pressure screen – high speed washer – double disc refiner

In this 100t/d deinking paper pulping line, it can save more energy and has high efficiency. In the same power, the energy consumption is minimal and the fiber recovery rate is the highest comparing with others.

And our machine has been used for office paper project in the world. Welcome to contact us for more details. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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