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Waste Paper Recycling Process

For making high quality paper, waste paper recycling process mainly can be divided into three step: waste paper collection, paper pulping and deinking, it’s all important for paper making.

The Paper Recycling Process

Waste paper collection: Waste paper and board collection is the first step in paper recycling process. Recycling paper should be collected separately from other materials, due to contaminated can’t be recycled, so it is important that it is kept separate from other waste.

Paper pulping: Due to the recovered paper fibers have been used, they have to be sorted and cleaned. In paper pulping process waste paper need to be pulping for removing heavy and light impurities in the paper, the fibres are progressively cleaned and the resulting pulp is filtered and screened a number of times to make it suitable for paper making.

Paper deinking: Before the recycling paper to be used for paper making, the printing inks should be removed to increase the paper whiteness and purity.

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