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Waste Paper Pulping Machine Fiber Separator

High-quality pulp plays an important role in the papermaking process. That is why we have fiber separator for the manufacture of waste paper pulp. The fiber separator can be applied for secondary crushing and pulp screening of waste paper to separate light and heavy impurities from the pulp, which can also be applied as tailing pulp treatment equipment.

 Fiber Separator Information

1. Capacity: 50 – 500t/d
2. Consistency of inout pulp: 2 – 4%
3. Advantages: break fiber effictively, great effect to separate and remove light and heavy impurities. Improve the pulp quality, save energy, run reliably.

Leizhan company has specialized in pulp and paper manufacturing industry nearly 40 years. And our waste paper pulping equipment fiber separator made lots of customers satisfied and helped them more competitive in the market. More details about this could be supplied for you, waiting for your contact all the time.
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