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Waste Paper D Type Hydrapulper

In waste paper recycling process, some customers adopt D type hydrapulper in pulp and paper production line. Locc, occ, aocc material also can be used in it.

Waste Paper D Type Hydrapulper Specification

Application: break pulp board, broken paper and all kinds of waste paper.
How many type: 15 kinds of type
Consistency: 3 – 5 %
Production capacity: 30 – 1200t/d
Features: D type structure, energy-saving rotor, the part in contact with the slurry is made of stainless steel.
Advantages: reduce energy consumption, improve the pulping efficiency, has long service life and excellent pulping effect, etc.

In paper production line, we also have drum pulper for waste paper, such as occ, locc. Getting the quotation and more details of D type hydrapulper, you can send email or message at any time.

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