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Waste Paper Bale Breaker For Paper Recycling

In the process that from waste paper to make pulp and paper, we have bulk screening bale breaker for paper recycling. It can be used for waste paper bales breaking and selecting.

Advantages Of Waste Paper Bale Breaker For Paper Recycling

1. Less energy consumption, less maintenance.
2. Remove the smaller impurities in the waste paper under dry condition.
3. Can be used in kraft paper, corrugated paper production line, etc.
4. Have stable working performance to ensure your project run normally.
5. Reduce the wear of the following equipment, such as pulper, pressure screen, etc.

In waste paper recycling, we have full set of machine for your pulp and paper mill production line. Feel free to contact us for more details about this bale breaker for your paper recycling project.

Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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