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Pressure Screen In Paper Industry

Pressure screen is an essential equipment in the production line of pulp and paper, it is widely used in paper and pulp industry. Along with the increasing impurity in waste paper raw material and higher quality request of recycled paper, intensifying screening in production has become a trend. To adapt this new request, Zhengzhou Leizhan developed effective and energy-saving new screening equipment Mid Consistency Pressure Screen.

Technical information of Mid Consistency Pressure Screen

Leizhan paper pulp screening machine adopts latest technology, screening consistency is increased and energy saving is achieved. The screen area range of 0.3-6㎡, the inlet pulp consistency can be 1%-4%. The power is 22-400K. Daily production capacity of pressure screen is 30-1500t.

High configuration of Pressure Screen

Leizhan energy-saving pulp screening machine mid consistency pressure screen is also equipped with bearing automatic oiling device, mechanical seal pressure water filtration device and alarm control device.They can help lower failure rate, reduce maintenance and make inspection more easier.

Pressure Screen In Paper Industry

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