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Perfect Agitator Mixer In Paper Mill

For pulp & paper making project, our perfect agitator mixer has been installed in paper mill production line. And we also need more than one agitator. Our machine can help you save cost and improve efficiency.

Perfect Agitator Mixer Specification In Paper Mill

1. Agitator, mixer, propeller
It can stir cyclically in chest to maintain the pulp liquid under suspending condition, which ensure the pulp components even distribution.
2. Some specification
Model: JB series
Consistency: equal or less than 5%
Chest volume: 20 – 230 cubic meter
3. Features
Our agitator can be adjusted the angle according to the concentration of the slurry.
4. Leizhan manufacturer
We have 40 years of experience in pulp and paper mill production line.
All kinds of machines from our company have cerfitication with ISO, CE, etc.

About perfect agitator mixer in paper mill, customers showed that it had satisfactory results. And for pulping and paper production line, we also provide other equipment. Do you want best quotation?

Welcome to contact us by email or message directly. Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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