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Paper Recycling Machine Hydrapulper For Egg Tray

Our company’s paper recycling machine hydrapulper can be applied in egg tray production lines. We have many different types of pulpers to meet your various needs. This article introduces D type hydrapulper and vertical hydrapulper. They all have one common advantage, which is energy saving. Here are some details.

Paper Recycling Equipment Hydrapulper

1. D type hydrapulper
Function: print all kinds of waste paper and residual paper for pulping.
Description: Suitable for high production egg tray production line.
Advantages: save energy, shorten pulping time, increase production capacity and have good pulping effect, etc.
2. Vertical hydrapulper
Function: Breaking pulp boards, damaged paper, waste paper, etc.
Description: Suitable for small capacity egg tray production line.
Advantages: energy saving, improved hydraulic circulation and fiber release, continuous pulping, etc.

Leizhan company attaches great importance to the quality of our machines and the services provided to our customers. Our complete set of pulping equipment can also help you reduce costs. You can learn more details about our advanced paper recycling machine hydrapulper. You are welcome to contact us at your leisure.
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