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Paper Mill Recycling And Pulping Project

For the paper mill, more and more customers are purchasing our paper mill recycling and pulping equipment for their paper mill projects. This is because our stock preparation line equipment have the advantages of low cost, low maintenance, high efficiency and maximizing your profits.

Paper Mill Recycling And Pulping Line Details

1. Paper project
Waste paper recycling and pulping project.
Kraft paper project.
Corrugated paper project.
Cultural paper project.
Tissue paper project.
2. Production capacity
Small, medium and large scale
3. Recycling and pulping equipment overview
D type hydrapulper – High density cleaner – Inclined thickener – First stage mid consistency coarse screen – Reject separator – Mid density cleaner – Mid consistency fine screen – Inclined thickener – Double disc refiner – Inclined thickener – Paper machine screen

Leizhan company has rich experience in paper industry, and our company’s equipment has been sold to many paper mills around the world. And our paper mill recycling and pulping equipment can also help you get huge profits. Welcome to contact us to buy stock preparation line equipment.
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