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Paper Mill Pulping System Machine Drum Screen

In the pulping process, it is very important for paper mills to remove excess impurities and improve fiber recovery. Our drum screen mainly applied to remove large light impurities in the waste paper pulping system. At the same time, our company’s drum screen has the advantages of high impurity purity and low fiber loss.

Drum Screen Brife Introduction

1. Improved spiral blades and water spray system.
2. Simple structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance.
3. Good screening effect and low motor power.
4. Removes more impurities, less fiber loss, and higher fiber recovery rate.

In terms of pulp and  paper production lines, we provide complete sets of pulping line equipment and papermaking machines. For more detailed information about pulping system machine drum screen, please feel free to send us an email/message.
Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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