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Paper Machine Calender Bowl Maintenance

For improving paper glossiness, paper calendering is necessary, the calender bowl of calendering machine is important for calendering effect, so how to maintenace the calender bowl?

Calender Bowl Maintenance

1. Must keep the calender bowl surface smooth and clean, correctly use the doctor blade. Should adjust the doctor blade line pressure before starting, mustn’t use the padded hard objects to increase the line pressure when doctor blade is not strict, should find the relevant personnel to adjust or replace;

2. When calendering, occur broken paper, should break the end paper to avoid the paper wrapping to the calender bowl surface, resulting in a strong vibration and impact between the calender bowl.

3. Due to the regular broken paper and leading paper operation, easy to cause the rapid wear of the operation side calender bowl surface, this time should reduce the line pressure, after leading paper and then return to normal line pressure;

4. Should avoid prolonged idle running, to prevent the calender bowl surface was damaged by debris.

5. Remove the additional pressure when lifting, lift the doctor blade. Longer downtime should be off the calender bowl contact to prevent the calender bowl deformation under pressure. Soft calendering stop, must be off the calender bowl regardless of the time;

6. Not allowed to use sharp hard material to clean the calender bowl.

7. Should avoid the sudden temperature change of the calender bowl surface, don’t local heating or cold on the calender bowl for a long time.

8. Pressure on both sides of the calender bowl should be basically balanced, should avoid the line pressure difference between the two ends is too large.

9. Should ensure the width with the process requirements to prevent the width is too narrow and increase the wear of the calender bowl.


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