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Low Density Cleaner In Paper Making Line

As a manufacturer and supplier, we provide low density cleaner that can be used in paper making line for paper mill. This LD cleaner has the advantages of less cost and stable running performance.

Best Low Density Cleaner In Paper Making Line

1. Equipment: low density cleaner
2. Application: remove heavy impurities in paper pulp like gravel, scrap iron, dust and large ink particles. It is mainly used in the position after coarse screening and before fine screening process.
3. Some information
Type: KH series
How many type: KH-400, KH-600, KH-800, KH-1000, KH-1500
Inlet consistency: 0.3 – 1.5%
Different deslagging ways: open and close type impurity discharge
Advantages: save energy, reduce maintain, improve running efficiency, etc.

In addition to low density cleaner, we also have high density cleaner and heavy impurity cleaner in paper making line for paper mill. Welcome to message us with your email address and demand.

Certainly, you also can email us directly for the cost and details. Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com


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