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Low Cost Corrugated Paper Production Line

For paper mill, there were a great number of people who once bought our whole low cost corrugated paper production line. It includes paper pulp making equipment and paper machine.

Low Cost Corrugated Paper Production Line Details

1. Paper pulping line machine
Note: take a paper project as an example, the production capacity is 30t/d.
Process: D type hydrapulper – High density cleaner – Inclined thickener – First stage mid consistency coarsc screen – Reject separator – Mid density cleaner – Mid consistency fine screen – Inclined thickener – Double disc refiner – Inclined thickener – Paper machine screen
2. Corrugated fluting paper machine
Raw material: waste paper
Paper kind: corrugated paper, fluting paper
Trimmed width: 1575 – 5800mm
Production capacity: 15 – 500t/d, like 15t/d, 30t/d, 50t/d, 100t/d, 200t/d
Basis weigth: 60 – 150gsm

In recent years, a rising number of customers have purchased our low cost corrugated paper production line and have got great benefits for paper mill. For details and quotation, email or message us.

Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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