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Low Consistency Cleaner For Paper Pulping Line

Low consistency cleaner is suitable for cleaning fiber suspension with the consistency of 0.4~1.2%, which can efficiently remove light impurities, heavy impurities, pulp rejects etc. In addition, it can also remove foam plastics, cork fragments, ink particles and air efficiently, which results in purifying stock in the approach system prior to paper machine and make coarse screen to the waste paper stock efficiently, simplify the processing procedures and reduce power consumption.

Benefits Of Low consistency cleaner

1. Easy for disassembly, assembly and replace
2. Stable deslagging and long service life thanks to the bottom of cone adopts wear-resistant ceramics.
3. less occupied area, less power consumption, low investment cost.

In addition to, we also supply other equipment for puling line, like drum pulper, hydrapulper, reject separator, hydrapurger,etc. Welcome email us for any need.

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