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Light Impurity Separator

Light Impurity Separator is mainly used for removing light impurities and small stone in pape pulping process, and it also can used to deal with tailing pulp in coarse screening section of pulping line. Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Company is a professional manufacturer of paper& pulp equipment,it provides high quality paper making, pulping equipment and excellent service for many paper making industries, the products are highly praised by customers.

Main Feature

1. Mainly used for dealing with light impurities and tailing in coarse screening section.

2. The main body is an inverse conical design, concave top structure can form a strong vortex, forming a low pressure area in the top centre and getting the light impurities and discharge them outside effectively.

3. Pulp outflow chamber of rotor is higher than undersurface of shell, forming a low pressure area around the rotor to collect heavy impurities. under centrifugal force, the heavy impurities are thrown to the outermost of eddy and deposit in the groove that is outside the sieve plate for discharging. At the same time, it will reduce the wear to cutter and sieve plate, prolong the service life of them.

Main Specification

Type FQJ0.4 FQJ0.8 FQJ2
Norminal Volume(m3) 0.4 0.8 2
Treating Consistency(%) 0.5-2
Capacity Of Production(t/d) 35-45 65-85 110-140
Power Of Motor(kw) 30 55 110

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Light Impurity Separator

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