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Less Cost Paper Mill Recycling Line Machine

In recent years, more and more paper mills have adopted our waste paper recycling equipment, and our waste paper recycling line equipment is of competitive cost and high quality, which  helps you get more pulp to make paper. Our company’s waste paper recycling equipment can be applied to produce different kinds of paper project, such as kraft paper, corrugated paper,

Paper Mill Recycling Line Details

1. Raw material: various kinds of waste paper, such as OCC, AOCC, LOCC, etc.
2. Suitable for paper project
Kraft paper making project, corrugated paper making project, office paper making project, tissue paper making project, etc.
Production capacity: design according to your need
3. Paper mill recycling line 
Our complete waste paper recycling line contains waste paper conveying machine, pulping, screening, cleaing, deinking and refining equipment.
4. Cost: less price, cost-effective, negotiable

Regarding the paper mill recycling line equipment, our professionals will provide various information for your paper mill project, such as specifications, technical solutions, quotations, etc.

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