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How To Maintain Doctor Blade?

As a professional company in the paper industry, we have received many letters from customers, including an important problem, which is how to maintain the doctor blade. So we hope these solutions will help you. At the same time, this learning will make paper machines more efficient. Additionally, we offer high quality, low maintenance doctor blade.

Some methods

1. Regular replacement
During the papermaking process, the doctor blade are subject to wear. So the angle to the roll changes, reducing its cleaning efficiency.
2. Some solutions for different symptoms
Uneven wear: Use a softer or more rotating doctor blade, or replace it with a new one.
Maximum edge wear: If necessary, adjust or add a shim behind them.
Burrs appear: reduce the pressure and adjust the bearing or bracket.

Leizhan company is a professional pulp and paper machinery manufacturer. If you are interested in our paper machine spare part doctor blade, please feel free to contact us by email, message or other methods.

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