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Hot Sale Drum Pulper Manufacturer

We supply hot sale drum pulper for paper mill. As a great manufacturer, our drum pulper can be used in waste paper recycling line for continuous gentle pulping and coarse screening.

Hot Sale Drum Pulper Manufacturer Information

1. About our drum pulper
Suitable for material: waste paper, such as OCC, LOCC
Working consistency: 14 – 18%
Production capacity: 70 – 1800t/d
Advantages: save energy, accept pulp with high quality from this machine, less maintenance and reduce labor, have no wear parts, etc. Can be used in kraft paper mill, corrugated paper mill, office paper making line.
2. About our company
Leizhan manufacturer has rich experience with 40 years in paper making industry. Supply all kinds of equipment for paper mill. Until, our machinery has been exported more than dozens of countries.

About the details and cost of hot sale drum pulper, our company information, or other equipment in waste paper redycling line, welcome to email or message us.

Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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