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High Quality Felt For Paper Machinery

In paper mill project, high quality felt is improtant for paper machinery. It will effect the paper quailty and efficiency of paper making equipment. For paper project, we need to change it sometimes.

High Quality Felt For Paper Making Machinery

1. Application: felt is valuable and consumable device, necessary for the dehydration and padding of wet paper sheets on paper machines.
2. Advanteges: long service life, great price, excellent effect for you paper machine.
3. About our company: we are committed to paper industry with 40 years, specilizing in manufacturing and providing pulp machine and paper machine for paper mill, including paper machine spare parts, like felt.

About high quality felt and other parts for paper machinery, our professional will offer more information if you need. In addition, we have whole set of equipment for paper mill project, including paper production line, paper pulp making system.

For quotation or other details, welcome to email or message us. Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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