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Corrugated Cardboard Paper Making Line Machine

Recently, our company supplied corrugated cardboard paper making line machine to customer. Using modern technology, efficient and stable operation. The most important thing is that our company’s corrugated cardboard paper making line machine can bring better benefits to customers at attractive prices. In addition, our project are also equipped with pulping equipment.

Corrugated Cardboard Making Machine Details

Raw material: waste paper, wood pulp, etc
Finish paper: corrugated paper, fluting paper, cardboard paper, carton paper, etc.
Trimmed width: 4400mm
Basis weight: 90 – 150gsm
Production capacity: 200 – 240t/d
Design speed: 450m/min

On the paper mill production line, we also provide a complete set of papermaking and pulping system machine. Regarding the cost of corrugated cardboard paper making line machine, please send us an email or leave a message.

Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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