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Cleaner For Paper Production Line

The paper production line consists of four main procedures: pulping, cleaning, screening and refining, To meet customers’ production demand, our enginner designed pulp machine cleaner for paper production line.

Cleaner For Paper Production Line Details

Structural difference: The high density cleaner has a double corn structure and has good slag separation ability.
The low Density Cleaner are modular in design with ceramic cones and discharge ports
Functional difference: High density cleaner can remove heavier impurities such as sand, metal, glass, etc.
The Low Density Cleaner removes grit, iron filings, dust, large ink particles and other heavy impurities.

The pulp machine cleaner has advantages of high efficiency, less energy consumption, better effect and quality output paper. For paper making line, our professional will give you all kinds of details, such as price, technical solution, etc.

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