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Carton Paper Recycling Line


The recycling of waste paper has become a trend in the manufacture of packaging/cultural/tissue paper. Carton paper recycling is an important source of raw materials for the manufacture of kraft paper, corrugated paper and other packaging paper. We proviede a complete set of carton paper recycling line machine.

Carton Paper Recycling Line Machine

Raw material: Waste carton, waste cardboard, etc.
Finished paper: Kraft/testliner paper, Corrugated/fluting paper
Production capacity: Design according to your need
Carton recycling machine: Waste paper conveying machine Chain Conveyor, Pulp screening machine, cleaning machine, refining machine, carton stock tailing dealing equipment, etc.

About carton paper recycling line machine, our professional enginner will design the technical proposal depend on your demand. Welcome to email or message us.
Our email:leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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