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Carton Board Paper Machine

No matter what kind of requirements customers have for the production of carton board paper, our professional team can help you achieve it. Leizhan company supplies carton board paper machine for paper mill. Besides, we also have full set of pulp machinery in carton board paper production line.

Carton Board Paper Machine Details

1. Headbox: There are two sets of open headboxes, corresponding to the top wire and the bottom wire respectively.
2. Wire part: two stacks of wire, namely surface wire and bottom wire, main components: breast roll, forming plate, dewatering plate, vacuum box, compound roll, vacuum couch roll, wire driving roll, wire guide roll and frame Wait.
3. Pressing part: divided into one pressing and two pressing. The first press and the second press are large-diameter presses, each equipped with upper and lower rubber-coated metal rollers, and equipped with upper and lower felts.
4. Reeling part: Pneumatic horizontal winder, the pressurization method is cylinder pressurization.

The carton board paper machine produced by our company has the advantages of high efficiency. Feel free to send us an email.
Our email:leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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