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5800mm Corrugated Paper Making Line Machine

The 5800mm corrugated paper making line machine produced by our company can reduce costs through energy saving and low maintenance, more importantly, the output paper is very popular in the paper industry market. In addition, we also provide pulping equipment in paper production lines. No matter how many difficulties you encounter in the pulping and paper making process, you don’t need to worry.

Corrugated Paper Production Line Machine

1. Stock preparation system
chain conveyor-drum pulper–high density cleaner-first stage mid consistency coarse screen-second stage mid consistency coarse screen-light impurity separator-reject separator-first stage cleaner-second stage cleaner-third stage cleaner-fourth stage cleaner-first stage fiber fractionating screen-second stage fiber fractionating screen-middle fiber second stage low density cleaner-middle fiber third stage low density cleaner-long fiber fine screen-long fiber inclined screen-middle fiber inclined screen- short fiber inclined screen-short fiber pulp tower-middle fiber pulp tower-long fiber pulp tower
2. Corrugated paper making machine
Raw material: waste paper
Finish paper: corrugated paper, fluting paper
Trimmed width: 2400 – 5800mm
Production capacity: 150t/d
Basis weight: 60 – 150gsm

In the paper production line, we also provide a complete set of corrugated paper making line machine. For information about the equipment cost of 5800mm corrugated paper making line machine, please send us an email or leave a message. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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