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50T/D Fluting Paper Production Line Machine

In order to help customers produce high quality packaging paper, we provide low cost and high strength 50tpd fluting paper production line machine, including stock preparation system equipment, paper making equipment, paper machine spare parts, etc. Here are some details.

Fluting Paper Project Machine Overview

1. Fluting paper making machine
Raw material: waste paper, wood pulp, etc.
Output paper: high strength corrugated paper, fluting paper
Production capacity: 50t/d
Trimmed width: 2400 – 3600mm
Basis weight: 60 – 150gsm
2. Stock preparation line machine
D type hydrapulper → High density cleaner → Inclined screen → 1st stage mid consistency coarse screen → Reject separator → Mid density cleaner → Fine screen → Inclined screen → Double disc refiner → Inclined screen → Inflow pressure screen before paper machine

For paper mills, our complete set of fluting paper production line machine include fluting paper machine and pulping equipment. If you have other production needs, our professionals can also meet them. For 50tpd fluting paper production line machine price and details, welcome to send email or message.
Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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