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4600mm Fluting Testliner Paper Machine

In response to the demands of the general public and the needs of the paper market, Leizhan company designed and provided a 4600mm fluting testliner paper machine for the production of high strength paper. Our company’s machine is characterized by high quality and attractive price. Many customers have applied it to their projects and achieved great benefits. At the same time, we also offer pulp equipment for this project.

Fluting Testliner Paper Machine Details

Trimmed width: 4600mm
Paper grade: high strength corrugated paper, fluting paper, testliner paper
Basis weight: 90~180 g/m²
Production capacity: 322t/d
Working speed: 400m/min
paper machine section: headbox, forming section, press section, drying section, sizing machine, reeling machine

Our 4600mm fluting testliner paper making line machine bring better results to customers’ projects. No matter what kind of difficulties you encounter in the pulp and paper production process, you don’t need to worry, our professional team will be at your service at any time. You are welcome to contact us when you are free.
Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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