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4400mm Package Paper Making Equipment


4400mm package paper making equipment is mainly used in package paper production line of middle and large capacity, and the whole set of pulping line with paper making machine has been installed in some countries of our customers to produce package paper.

Main Details About 4400mm Package Paper Machine

Raw material: waste paperboard, wheat straw pulp

Product kind: corrugated paper, package paper, T-paper

Basis weight: 100~150g/m2

Net paper width: 4400mm

Working speed: 450~550m/min

design speed: 600m/min

Balance speed: 700m/min

Gauge: 4350mm

Production capacity: 300t/d

Transmission mode: AC variable-frequency division transmission

If you want to start a package paper production line, welcome to consult for complete paper equipment. Email address: leizhanpulper@gmail.com.

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